Lizard Tattoo Meaning

With almost 5000 various lizard species living all around the world, there’s no doubt that these reptiles have actually established themselves in the lives of people. In ancient times, the Greeks and the Egyptians thought that lizards were indications of good luck and wisdom. Even today, we use the term ‘lizard brain’ to explain our most primitive instincts, hinting to our evolutionary roots. Below, we’ve put together a lizard tattoo dictionary, spelling out the significance behind every one of these tattoo styles. Continue reading, and learn everything about your inner reptilian!

Lizard Tattoo Dictionary
– Chameleon: with its natural capability to mix in with the surrounding environment, the chameleon tattoo design has concerned represent one’s capability to adapt the new life scenarios.
– Gecko: found on all continents other than Antarctica, the gecko symbolizes dexterity, cunningness, and renewal.
– Iguana: native to Mexico and Central America, the iguana tattoo style represents creativity, understanding, and persistence.
– Komodo Dragon: lethal and effective
– Salamander: known to emerge in rainy weather, the salamander tattoo style represents the component of fire, and it represents an enthusiastic nature.
– Tribal Lizard: a cultural symbol for native individuals, the tribal lizard tattoo design expresses a connection to one’s ancestors. The Haida people and native Polynesians associated tribal lizard tattoos with spirituality.

Lizards have been the topic of art because ancient times, and their meaning is rich in significance. Whether it’s their exceptional versatility or their agile nature, lizard tattoos can make distinctive styles that resonate with everybody. Let us understand about them in the remark section listed below if you know of any other fascinating lizard tattoo styles!

In particular parts of West Africa, the image of lizards are carved into the walls of houses to fend off fiends and bring peace and happiness to the home. The 6th century pope, St. Gregory the Great, was captivated by the many hours that lizards invested indulging in the heat of the sun. He likened the act to a “humble soul looking for enlightenment”.

Lizards have actually even affected human language and feelings to a much larger level than formerly thought. The term lizard brain is a recommendation to the primitive instincts of humans and explains a school of idea among leading researchers. To have a lizard brain indicates that our higher cognitive functions that associate with art, poetry, as well as designing excellent tattoos give way to our most primal instincts of reproduction, survival, and food. A lizard brain acknowledges the part of us that is interested in risk, our gut feelings, and deep rooted aggression. Not surprising that Dexter Morgan from the popular Showtime series, Dexter, has a hard time overcoming his need to accept the lizard brain of his ‘Dark Traveler’.

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