FN-FNX 45 Review

At first glimpse, the FN FNX-45 pistol looks both familiar and new. After all, the 45ACP is the timeless American caliber, associated for more than a century with the 1911 handgun, but this isn’t quite the very same. This review of the FNX-45 pistol traces how FNH U.S.A, the branch of Fabrique Nationale established in the United States, has actually re-imagined the 45ACP handgun and developed this exciting new handgun for the 21st century.

The FNX-45 is the result of years of ingenious advancement, making use of sophisticated engineering techniques. In 2007, FNH USA presented the FNP-45 service handgun, under the U.S. Joint Handgun Program. Even that success wasn’t adequate: FN has been a leader in firearms producing for more than 125 years. Their designers utilized that service model as a starting point and worked to increase the ergonomics, added security functions and greater ease of operation with either hand and from any firing position.

The newest addition to the FNX line of pistols is the.45 acp version. Considering that it’s introduction at the end of last year it’s revealed to be a very popular handgun. FN provides the FNX45 in a two-tone dark earth polymer frame and matte finish black slide made of stainless steel. The 2nd design has a black polymer frame also with a matte black stainless slide.

The controls are totally ambidextrous. This includes the thumb safety, slide release and magazine release. This is a really helpful feature for left handed shooters as well as those who practice left handed as well as. This is always an useful practice. FN offers a nice addition with 3 mags delivered with each pistol. The pistol is loaded in a large black plastic case with plenty of space.

FNX 45
– Caliber:.45 ACP
– Operation: DA/SA
– Sights: Fixed 3-Dot
– Magazine Capability: 15 rounds
– Weight: 33.2 oz. empty
– Width: 1.58 ″
– Height: 6.3 ″
– Barrel Length: 4.5 ″
– Total Length: 7.4 ″
– Twist Rate: 1:16 ″ RH
Made in the USA

FN’s new FNX 45 is a DA/SA style with the normal long very first shot trigger pull followed by a very nice single action trigger. The ambidextrous thumb safety works as both a de-cocker in addition to a manual security like the 1911. The pistol can be carried in exactly what we 1911 shooters call condition 1. When depressing the safety the shooter needs to make certain they don’t depress it to difficult or they will de-cock the handgun.

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