Dymo LetraTag Ink Refill

The Dymo LetraTag is a portable, handheld label printer that’s ideal for tagging and organizing home office or your house. The options are limitless; you can label things like photo albums, toys or CDs storage boxes, and shelves. Your light switches and circuit breakers can be labeled to make locating the switch simple.

This Dymo LetraTag Personal Label Maker is a excellent way to bring some order. Use it in the house or workplace to tag file folders, boxes, containers dividers and much more. Or use it on your paper crafting to tag photos or create phrases decals and custom words.

The LetraTag label manufacturers of Dymo are low cost devices suited to the home / SOHO user wishing to publish simple one-line or two-line labels. They’re used for everything from labeling cookie jars to clothes, and in between you’ve got a whole lot of different applications like labeling file folders, lighting switches, shelves, lunch boxes, staplers… and the list continues.

None of the Dymo LabelMakers use ink, they use the self contained tape cartridges. If the print starts to fade this is. We consider that to be because the printhead requires more electricity than the drive motor, so when the batteries get really reduced the text will probably vanish while the tape still feeds providing the “out of ink” effect.

But we have never yet met an “out of ink” problem that was not in fact an “out of batteries” problem, and thus don’t think we are only trying to fob you off – it really is the batteries!

Dymo LetraTag label makers are suitable and handheld for home and office usage. It’s a graphic LCD display screen that shows up before printing to the ribbon, 13 characters and impacts. Labels, that come in paper, plastic, magnetic, metallic and iron-on are printed on by it. The label maker employs an ABC keyboard instead of the QWERTY design and itself has a magnetic holder for wall hanging that is simple.

LetraTag delivers two-line printing and 195 symbols. Five sizes are available, alongside seven printing fashions and eight box fashions. It’s a date stamp, boasts a nine-label memory, and provides English-, French- and printing. Its thermal print technology eliminates the requirement for ink, toner cartridges and ribbons. The LetraTag runs on 4 AA batteries and it comes equipped with 1/2-inch paper tag cassette label cassette and a guarantee card.

– Ergonomic design for easy handling
– Big display with print preview for editing tag before printing
– Navigation buttons for easy access to sophisticated features
– 9 tag memory
– 2 line printing
– 5 font sizes
– 8 box styles
– Auto-off Power saver
– Date/Time Function
– Multi-lingual RACE Technology
– Supplied with manual and complimentary 91200 paper tag cassette
– Hand-held label manufacturer prints on LetraTag LT labels available in iron-on, plastic, metallic, magnetic and paper
– LCD screen lets you view Results before you print
– Prints as Many as 2 lines in 5 font sizes, 8 box styles, 7 print styles and 195 symbols
– Can add text attributes like font styles bolding, text sizing and much more
– Easy-to-use navigation buttons
– Auto-off power saver
– Date stamp
– 3 language options: English, French, Spanish
– Direct thermal printing technology – no ink, ribbons or toner cartridges needed
– Uses 4 AA batteries (sold separately) or optional AC adaptor
– Contains: LetraTag Plus, mountable magnetic holder, 1/2″ white paper tag tape, 1/2″ clear plastic label tape, instruction manual and warranty card

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